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This filter cartridge dust collector become the new development direction in industrial dust collectors.

Filter Cartridge

Filter cartridge dust collector is a device to use filter cartridge as filtration element or pulse jet blowing.

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    Filter Cartridge Dust Collector

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    one year

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Filter cartridge dust collector is a device to use filter cartridge as filtration element or pulse jet blowing. There are four ways to install: inclined, side mounted, lifting type and jacket type. From the material of filter cartridge, we can have long fiber polyester filter cartridge dust collector, composite fiber filter cartridge filter, antistatic filter cartridge filter,flame retardant filter cartridge filter etc.

In recent years, with the development of new technology and material, the structure and filtration material have been improved greatly, the filter cartridge dust collector has applied widely to cement, steel,electricity, food, metallurgy, chemical and other industry fields. The overall capacity increases several times and filtering area reaches to >2000m2, it becomes the best choice to solve the problems that it is difficult to collect super fine dust, high filtering speed, bad collection efficiency, filter bags easy to damage and expensive cost operation for traditional dust collector. Filter cartridge filter has become new development direction in industrial dust collector.


Ash cleaning device 

Adding air guiding device on pulse blowpipe to strengthen the airflow guidance, canceling the guide duct from cartridge filter upper to make pulse airflow and guiding airflow blowing into filter cartridge at the same time, then can have good performance: less gas consumption, airflow evenly, good collection efficiency. 

Airflow distribution plate 

Airflow distribution plate also named perforated plate, it is very important in filter cartridge to keep the airflow distribution stable and evenly that can be helpful for air lifting and dust falling. 


1) compact structure, small size 

2) easy to install, small workload for maintenance 

3) large filtering area, lower filtering speed and resistance compare to same size dust collector 

 4) good sealing for filter cartridge

Filter Cartridge Structure

It consists of air inlet, air outlet, air box, ash bucket, deashing device, guiding device, airflow distribution plate, filter cartridge and electric controller, which is similar to the structure of air box impulse bag dust collector.

Working Principle

After dusty gas fallen into ash bucket, parts of coarse and rough granules will drop into ash bucket by the effect of inertia, but the others because of tiny and lower density will stick onto the surface of the filtering material and be purified, then flows into air outlet.

Deashing Process

By increasing the dust attached to the surface of filtering material, we should to deash at time to ensure its normal working. The poppet valve of first separate room will be closed by PLC controller, and the solenoid valve will be opened to compress the air at short time into the filter cartridge which becomes expanding and deform then leads to vibrating, while by the influence of airflow washout, the dust stick onto the surface of filtering material will be peeled off and dropped into ash bucket, then discharged by unloader valve. After this process finished, the solenoid valve will be closed and the poppet valve opened, everything will return normal operation.


compact structure 

small size 

convenient installation 

lower workload of maintenance 

large filtering gas volume 

lower filtering gas speed 

lower resistance of filter cartridge 

lower air leakage ratio

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