Baghouse - Dust Collectors
Baghouse is a device used to collect the solid grain particles in the dusty gas with bag filtration components made of textile.


Bag pulse jet dust collector is a kind of improved new type high efficient dust filter to keep your factory clean.

Product Specification:
  • Type :

    Fabric Dust Collector

  • Efficiency :


  • Brand :


  • Air Volume :

    1270-12705 CFM

  • Wind Velocity :

    1.5-2 m/min

  • Warranty :

    one year

  • Other :


Bag Filter Introduction

Baghouse belongs belongs to dry type dust collecting device to capture fine, dry, non-fibrous dust. Its filtering material is woven filtration cloth or non-woven needle felt fabric. In the process of filtering, due to filtration, collision, stranding, diffusion and electrostatic effect, the surface of filter bags are accumulated first layers of dust, which are the main filtering layers. As in the accumulation of dust on the surface of filter bags, the filtering resistance will be increased and collection efficiency will be declined, therefore, after the resistance reaches certain value, the soot cleaning in time.

Working Principle

1) By the attraction of induced draft fan, the dusty air is absorbed into ash bucket, through the affection of air deflector, the gas is distributed evenly onto each filter bag, then the coarse particles are intercepted in the outer surface of filter bag, but clean air will pass through and be discharged into the air. 

2)The dust on the surface of filter bag will reduce permeability that leads to resistance increase of dust collector,so when it reach to set value (resistance or time),the pulse valve will be opened a short time(about 0.1 s) under controlled by PLC, the high pressure gas instantly from air bag into injection pipe, and blowing out through injection holes in high speed. 

3)When this high speed gas blows into filter bag, secondary airflow will generate, under their combined affection, filter bag inner pressure rapidly rise to make filter bag become convex,and when this deformation reach up to maximum value,it produce reverse acceleration, which helps to peel off dust from surface of filter bag.

filtration process

Structure of Baghouse

Air Inlet System 

smoke chimney duct,inlet valve group,air deflector, air distribution plate 

Air chamber 

upper chamber(filtration chamber),middle chamber(filter bag),perforated plate,filter bags,filter cages and access door ,compressed air pipe,injection pipe,electro-magnetic pulse solenoid valves, air tank and compressed air duct. 

Pulse valve( from Australia) 

Good quality, 5 years guarantee(including diaphragm,spring and solenoid coil)

Full automatic production, 100% quality assurance 

Convenient installation and maintenance 

Quick open and close Low resistance(high Cv/Kv) 

Outlet system

induced draft fan,motor, exhaust duct and related valves. 

Ash discharge system 

ash bucket, cinder valve and conveyor

Electric controlling system 

Online, offline, timing or fixing resistance and so on diversified dust deashing methods are available, also can be free converted between them, or set terms to convert. 


Test system 

differential pressure test system,temperature test system, material level test system, dust concentration test system and compressed air low pressure alarm system. 

Differential pressure test 

Between air inlet and outlet differential pressure test, directly obseve dust removal resistance, also send signal to PLC controller to deash under setted resistance. 

Temperature test 

To test gas temperature, when inlet gas temperature more than set alarm temperature(approaching filter bag maximum using temperature), it will send alarm by temperature alarm device to center controller that adopts cooling measure in time to avoid burning filter bag 

Material level test 

To be installed on designated spot of ash bucket, when ashes reach set quantitative value, this material level indicator send alarm to center controller or send signal to PLC controller to control ash conveying working. 

Dust concentration test 

Can test dust content of exhaust air and find out if filter bag breakage or other factors to lead to excessive emission.

Bag Dust Collector Description

Bag pulse jet dust collector is a kind of improved new type high efficient pulse jet bag dust collector, which has large capacity, stable performance, easy installation, long lifetime and small maintenance workload, etc. Besides, this type dust collector has been reformed from structure and pulse valves to solve such problems as outdoor setting and low pressure of compressor air. MC bag dust collector widely used for machinery, metallurgy, rubber, flour, chemical, medicine, carbon, building and mining etc. 

Our power pulse bag dust collectors are self contained, weatherproof, and fully automated. if you need, we can supply and install ducting, access platforms, ventilation, instrumentation, walk-in plenums, and easy maintenance access for small or large projects. Our bag dust collectors are engineered for a broad micron range of dust and range in size from 1270 to 12705 CFM.

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Baghouse Design Concept

1, air inlet system design 

Dust collector resistance includes structure resistance and filtration resistance. Generally, if design is unreasonable,structure resistance is greater than filtration resistance. So how to reduce structure resistance is the key. Besides, wind speed distribution is the direct reflection of structure that is good or bad. In the air in-and-out duct,the largest resistance is in-and-out wind flange, general here in 5 ~ 10 m/s wind speed requirements,and according to air volume,the parameters of the in-and-out wind flange size may be calculated, in-and-out wind flange position determines the location of air deflector whose top position and perforated plate spacing reaches above 500 mm,this ensure even airflow,avoid local resistance too big lead to filtration chamber out of work. 

2,middle chamber design(filter bag box) 

In the aspect of filtering, net filtering speed, airflow speed through perforated plate and gas rising speed jointly determine number of filter bags, length and perforated plate layout. It is necessary to keep a certain distance between wallboard and the nearest filter bag in order to avoid filter bag damage during collision. Take 6m long filter bag as an example,the distance between wallboard and the nearest perforated plate must reach above 200mm. The other effective measure to reduce collision is to use the most straight wire bag cage. Besides,the perforated plate must be kept flat and levelness with reinforcing rib to avoid collision. 

3, upper chamber design(filtration room) 

By increasing the height of filtration room (enlarging the cross sectional area of filtration room outlet) to lower wind velocity, generally 10m/s, is the way to reduce structure resistance. The poppet valve air speed is normally 8~12m/s, which decides the size of valve hole. Meanwhile,the smallest air pressure of air supply tank can be worked out according to differential pressure between interior and outlet,size of valve plate hole,inner diameter of air supply tank and valve plate up-and-down pressure balance. Through the valve plate hole area, the minimum distance of valve plate is confirmed. According to above relations, the size of air supply tank can be chosed. 

4、ash bucket design 

The shape of ash bucket is depends on engineering, but the bevel angle is required.if the dust is flammable and explosive,the minimum angle is 60 degree, generally 70 degree is ok, otherwise, the minimum angle is 55 degree. For wide surface ash bucket, inner support is necessary with under boarding between it and ash bucket board which prevent ash bucket. Besides, inner support is used by round tube to avoid soot formation. And be installed on reinforcing rib corresponding place. 

 5, ash removal system design

Ash removal system is the technical core of bag dust collector, including air supply duct, gas storage pipe,pulse valve and pulse jet blowing pipe,etc. These factors directly influence soot cleaning efficient,operation resistance and working life of filter bag. Reasonable and scientific design of ash removal system is very important to ensure dust collector long term, high efficient and reliable operation. 

5.1. ash removal system design 

1.1 air supply duct design 

As shown in picture 1: 

The main core of this design is diameter of supply duct. 

The calculation formula as follows:


 di---inner diameter of duct(mm) 

 qv---soot cleaning air volume of pulse valve(m3/h) 

 u---mean velocity of duct airflow(m/s) 

1.2 air storage pipe 

This air storage pipe’s main fuction is to store a certain amount compressed air to ensure stable air pressure supply and air pollution discharge. Its number corresponds to number of dust collector chamber. Be installed on top of dust collector,the embedded type pulse solenoid valve is directly fixed on it look like following picture . 

dust filter (2)

The calculation formula of air storage pipe size: 


 V:total volume m3 

 q:soot cleaning air volume m3/min 

 t:standby time(when stop gas supplying,the rest of gas to continue soot cleaning)min 

 q1:gas pressure before working(setted soot cleaning pressure)MPa 

 q2:gas pressure after working Mpa 

The diameter is less than 400mm is better, if more than this value, please enlarge air tank volume,the parts from air compressor to air storage pipe on top of dust collector. 

1.3 air storage pipe installation 

There are two types of installation: one is to install on top of filtration room; the other is to install on the side of dust collector, as shown in following picture.

                                   dust collectorbag filter

By comparing, the installation of picture 4 has advantages: make full use of filter bag space; low steel consumption; convenient construction.

 1.4 injection pipe height design 

This design will influence filtering resistance and lifetime of filter bag,if the injection pipe is too high,the compressed air cannot be all into filter bag that leads to low efficient cleaning and high working resistance; otherwise,if too low,the parts of filter bag within 300 mm scope up to bag mouth will be breakage quickly. Picture as follows is about this situation.

filter bag

Reasonable injection pipe height can meet high efficient soot cleaning as well as prolong filter bag lifetime. 

dust filter

D—diameter of filter bag, gas injection angle is 15º-20º,the height formula of injection pipe is: h=D/2tg(15º~20º) 

when soot cleaning air pressure becomes high, the angle is 15º, otherwise, the angle is 20º.

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