Filter Bag Cage - Dust Collector Accessories
Filter bag cage is the framework which used for supporting the filter bag in the dust collector

Filter Bag Cage

Filter cage resembles the rib of filter bag. It should be light, handy, easy to install and maintain, as well as it is smooth and straight to prevent the filter ba...

Product Specification:
  • Place of Origin :

    Shanxi, China (Mainland)

  • Brand Name :


  • Model Number :


  • Function :

    filtration basket

  • Nozzles :


  • End Cap :


  • Type :

    round, flat, envelope

Filter bag cage is the framework which used for supporting the filter bag in the dust collector, it also known as bone cage or skeleton. We could produce various type of bag cages, such as circle type, oval type, special-shaped type and so on, it also could do as different kinds of surface treatment for these bag cages, to meet your use requirements in different industries.

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Dust Filter Cage Standard

A. the support rings and vertical wires must be kept even distribution and with enough intensity and stiffness to against the air pressure during filtration, meanwhile, it also can avoid damage and distortion effectively during transportation. 

B. the welding spot on filter cages must be firm without sealing-off, rosin joint and missing solder. 

C. the surface of cages must be smooth and flatness, no welding scar, uneven and burr. 

D. the spring type filter cages must be kept enough wires and flexibility to ensure even space after draw away. 

E. it is necessary to do anti-corrosive processing, such as galvanizing, spraying and painting, if used in high temperature, it must meet this request.Our usual standard is: wire diameter - 3.5 mm, 3.8 mm, 4 mm number of vertical wires: 8, 10, 12 custom-made is available. We have to know following parameter if purchased:

Filter Cage Description

Fully automated production equipment has greatly increased the production capacity, we can meet your large requirement for filter cages everyday and ensure the quality. If you are interested in our filter cages, please feel free to contact me by any social ways, we can offer you free sample to test quality and make preparation for large order. And if you are first know about this filter cage and want to know how to buy this cages, please refer to FAQ and send us inquiry.

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